go green

ggWhether or not you ever had an older sibling who called themselves Dr. Cool, there is no such thing as a cool scientist.  There are no cool labs where cool things are tested and produced, no cool meters to monitor coolness, and very few textbooks on coolness, all of which are of poor quality.

That means we all have to make our own decisions about whether something is cool or not.  Take being environmentally friendly for example.  Is that cool?  Well, you’ve got to answer that for yourself.  But here are a few questions that might help you make a decision.

Is using this sun jar for mood lighting cooler than the New Jersey sized dead zone off the coat of Florida that can no longer support marine life?
Is wearing an eco-friendly T­shirt cooler than Washington state’s decision to kill sea lions that feed on a salmon population that is dwindling due to overfishing?
Is living on a bountiful green earth preferable to not?

That’s a judgment you have to make.  Just remember that when you’re done judging, you can check your results with the Fungineers at the Fun Institute.


~ by rheyaweb5 on November 23, 2008.

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